Appreciative Inquiry Enquiry

10 07 2012

We have been asked by JISC to give a brief overview of our 4D Appreciative Inquiry methodology during the online meeting this coming Friday.  We will be discussing why we chose the approach over other methodologies, how it differs from other methodologies we have used in the past, what it involved and how our stakeholders responded to it.  If anyone from the Course Data Stage 2 community has anything else they would like us to cover please leave a comment here (or tweet/email) and we will include it, thanks!


JISC online meeting

23 01 2012

Last Friday members of the CDATA project team attended the Stage 2 online start up meeting – many thanks to the JISC team, it was 2 hours well spent.  From the meeting, we were very pleased to learn that we are absolutely on target!  Furthermore, we didn’t encounter any “OMG” moments as we were already aware of all deadlines and forthcoming events as they are displayed on our project wall – this wall is already proving invaluable!  Well done team!