Hello, Goodbye

29 03 2013

It only feels like yesterday I was saying ‘hello’ and now I am saying ‘goodbye’. Today marks the end of an era as the JISC Course Data stage 2 project officially finishes – so consequently this will be my last official blog post 😦

It has been a very enjoyable 15 months and we have achieved so much during this time. The success of the project has been a testament to the dedication of the CDATA team and equally importantly, the great working relationships established between the members.

We have all been on this journey together – submitting reports, engaging stakeholders, developing a specification for our Programme Management facility and working on our XCRI-CAP feed – and we are delighted to say that during the last week of the project we all went out with a bang! On Monday and Tuesday the team delivered a presentation and a workshop at the AUA Conference (Association of University Administrators) in Edinburgh. Both sessions were very well received, and it was good to get recognition for all of our work. It was also great to see Ruth, Janette and Gemma from JISC there, thanks for all your support and encouragement, not just at the conference, but throughout the entire project.

P.s. Although this is the last blog entry, the work is still very much alive at Brunel. The project gave us the opportunity to work on other areas beyond the scope of the project (such as developing the Programme Management Facility and writing a research paper about our composite methodology) which would inevitably be completed beyond the lifetime of the project. Therefore, I will keep you all updated over the coming weeks with the progress of our work.

The blog started with a song title way back in January 2012 , so it is only appropriate to finish with one!




AUA Conference 2013 proposals accepted!

30 10 2012

We are delighted to announce that not one, but TWO, CDATA project proposals have been selected for the 2013 AUA conference 🙂 our sessions are titled ‘A software project that worked! Brunel’s JISC funded CDATA project’ and ‘Hold on to your hats! A new paradigm for Appreciative Inquiry’We will keep you updated on the progress of our sessions via the blog.  The CDATA team did an absolutely fantastic job getting these 2 proposals written, a BIG well done everyone!  Watch out Edinburgh, here we come!

Our project wall

16 01 2012

With this project comes many deadlines and new ideas!  Therefore, to keep on target and to keep everyone informed of developments, we have decided to dedicate a portion of our meeting room to the ‘CDATA project wall’.  For all our readers who are unable to visit our lovely office we have attached a photo so as not to leave you out!  We will post more pictures as the project wall grows 🙂


7 11 2011

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