What a (CDATA) Day!

17 05 2012

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who came to our SITS Cluster Assembly on Tuesday, we hope you found it an enjoyable and informative day.  Looking at the feedback forms you all completed, it would seem that the event was a success as you gave us “thumbs up” comments 🙂 Also, we had an excellent turnout, with representation from Cranfield University, St George’s – University of London, University College Falmouth, University of Sunderland, University of East London, University of Bradford, London School of Economics, Arts University College at Bournemouth, University of Leicester, Aston University, JISC and Tribal.

So, what did we do?  Well, the first part of the day was dedicated to Tribal and what projects wanted them to do.  This then led to a demo and discussion session from Tribal all about Curriculum Planner.  Many thanks to the Tribal guys for coming, it was really appreciated – especially with your tight schedule.  By the time 12.30pm came we were all ready for lunch as we had taxed our brain cells quite a lot!  We were going to provide you all with a silver service lunch, however, as it was British Sandwich Week, we felt that this kind of luncheon was more apt 😉  After lunch we were very fortunate to have Alan Paull (from APS Ltd) talking all about XCRI-CAP in his ever so brilliantly titled session “Don’t make a meal out of creating a feed” – very witty!  This proved to be really useful, and again feedback forms supported this!  Many thanks Alan for an interesting, interactive and very helpful session.  We would also like to extend our thanks to Ruth Drysdale (JISC) for coming, it was great having you there on tap to answer questions!  Talking of which, if anyone has any questions from the day or further ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Who knows, there might be a “CDATA Day – the Sequel”!