App-y as Larry!*

18 05 2012

I would just like to share with you a really great app for the iPad/iPhone which other projects might find useful for data collection (I can actually see this being a great tool to quickly collate likert scale type data).  During our CDATA Day we decided to split the audience into 3 groups and do a straw poll exercise to find out more about what our delegates would like Tribal to do for their projects.  Anyway, instead of doing a traditional tally chart (the type you see on prison walls!), we decided to aim for the “really cool” approach and use our iPads.  After some research we chose to use the “Votes” app (available to download from iTunes) – highly recommend!  You can name the 4 categories anything you like (the image below was specific to our straw poll).  It really makes data collecting much more engaging and interactive.

*By the way, the title here refers to Paal (our resident iPad Einstein) during the straw poll session: Paal + App = happy!