CDATA appears in Brunel Express!

20 12 2012

Just to let all our readers know that the CDATA project has been featured in the latest Brunel Express publication (Issue 17, Winter 2012).  What a good way to end the year 🙂

Express photo



ProMising meeting

17 12 2012

Today we had a meeting to show the latest version of our Programme Management (ProM) facility specification to Quality and Standards (Q&S) and the Timetabling and Awards Group (TAG).  Q&S have been very instrumental in its design, however, it was the first time that TAG had seen the specification and thought it looked really good 🙂 We are current tweaking the document based on feedback from relevant members of staff – we have made much progress in recent weeks and hopefully we will have the spec finished quite ProMptly!


Today is…

26 11 2012

…the first day of the last phase of our project, where has the time gone?!  The team did a great job last week pulling together the interim report, which we successfully submitted to JISC at the weekend.  It was really interesting to document what we had been up to from May – November 2012.  What proved especially satisfying was the action of going through all our weekly meeting notes, blog postings and tweets to remind ourselves what we had achieved so far, it was a bit like looking through old photos, remembering things that had already been erased from the memory box!  This report is going to be such a helpful document for us when we come to write the final report next year 🙂

ApprecHATive Inquiry strikes again!

15 11 2012

As you all know, for our project we developed a composite methodology for the CDATA workshops which combined Appreciative Inquiry with the negative black hat of Edward de Bono.  Well, we are delighted to report that because it was a huge success, another department in the University wanted to replicate our method for the purposes of their work.  Today, saw the completion of their last workshop – it went down extremely well and staff really enjoyed the technique.  Well done us!

Thanks ‘Team JISC’

14 11 2012

Today members of the CDATA team attended the JISC progress meeting in London.  Thanks guys for putting on a super day (and a super lunch!).  It was a really informative and interactive meeting and a great opportunity to chat with other project teams – finding out what everyone is up to and what they have achieved so far.  We came away with lots of ideas for the remaining months and great direction for our interim report, which is due next week.  Many thanks 🙂

AUA Conference 2013 proposals accepted!

30 10 2012

We are delighted to announce that not one, but TWO, CDATA project proposals have been selected for the 2013 AUA conference 🙂 our sessions are titled ‘A software project that worked! Brunel’s JISC funded CDATA project’ and ‘Hold on to your hats! A new paradigm for Appreciative Inquiry’We will keep you updated on the progress of our sessions via the blog.  The CDATA team did an absolutely fantastic job getting these 2 proposals written, a BIG well done everyone!  Watch out Edinburgh, here we come!

XCRI-CAP publication from JISC

20 09 2012

JISC recently published a briefing paper all about ‘sharing and managing your course data effectively using XCRI-CAP’.  It provides a concise understanding of XCRI-CAP, its benefits, how it’s different from the KIS and HEAR… get the idea, it’s well worth a read!