Welcome to our links page.  We thought we would use this page to share any useful links with our stakeholders and readers (without causing cognitive overload!).

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Additional Links

This section is where the CDATA team broadcast their interesting and useful finds!  As a team we all have specialist areas which we are very passionate about, however, we all have one common denominator, that is, technology.  Therefore we are dedicating a little section of our website to all things which could prove useful to our project, anything from Apps-to-Zips!

  • Dragon Dictation app for transcribing project stakeholder interview recordings.
  • Microsoft OneNote app for note-taking during project meetings and writing to-do lists.
  • QuickVoice app an extremely easy to use “one-touch” voice recording tool, ideal for recording stakeholder interviews.
  • Genius Scan app allows you to convert your device into a pocket scanner, which you can then email as a PDF or JPEG – genius!
  • Keynote Remote app to turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a controller when giving Keynote presentations.
  • Mindnode app a very simple to use mindmap tool, which could prove useful when we are trying to visualise all our data.
  • Dragon Search app this clever tool allows you to use your voice to search content online.

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