Actions speak louder than words

18 02 2013

Today has been all about making lists, and lists within lists!  It is at this point I was going to name the title of this blog ‘Making a list, and checking it twice’, but then I realised I REALLY can’t use ANOTHER Christmas reference!  The blog post last week was about advent calendars combined with the fact that we are in February! #OutOfSeason So, I have opted for the idiom: ‘Actions speak louder than words’.  This saying is so true, but to get to the actions you need to know what you have to do.  Therefore, today I decided to create some lists, in fact a total of 11 lists (yes 11!  I checked it twice!).  We have 39 days left (this includes weekends as it sounds better than saying 29 working days!) and we really need to focus on getting all our outputs/deliverables completed, JISC report finished (and including all comments that the team has said along the way ‘oh we could include that in the final report’), finalising our XCRI-CAP feed, project board papers, spec-ing meetings, preparation for the AUA conference to name just a few!  Oh and handover, so that everything is archived and all passwords are known on my departure 😦 Actually, I know I might seem quite negative with my 11 lists, implying we have tonnes to do, but in all seriousness, breaking it down and actually seeing what we have got to do before 29th March doesn’t seem quite so daunting, we have achieved so much already, and our draft report was very well received – so all in all, I think we are on target #WellDoneUs





2 responses

25 02 2013

Great to hear you’re on track! We are making lots and lots of lists too at the moment 🙂

25 02 2013

Glad to hear you are the same creating your lists! It’s a scary thought that the project is coming to a close – at least our lists will keep up focussed! Good luck! 🙂

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