The day we went to Birmingham

30 01 2013

Yesterday we attended the JISC ‘Show and Tell’ event in Birmingham which brought together all the Course Data Stage 2 projects (63 in total).  Having seen lots of names bouncing around during the JISC online meetings and on the mailing list emails over the past year or so, it was also a great opportunity to finally put faces to names.

Prior to attending, we were all required to design a poster of our work which would be displayed on the day for all to see (ours can be downloaded here – Brunel University CDATA Project Poster).  It was really interesting seeing the other 62 posters yesterday – some were really imaginative and creative (for example, Bath Spa and the Lego concept!  We liked!).  We have all come along way since the start of the project and it was really quite inspiring seeing everyone’s work.  We also found it especially useful sharing experiences and seeing overlaps between our project and other projects – it was a great idea having various presentations from various institutions.

As you can see from the photo below, we have proudly stuck our poster on the CDATA project wall, complete with the post-it note showing how many ‘likes’ we got on the day!





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